AR App for Job Seekers


This redesign of CareerBuilder’s consumer app, assists the job seeker in her journey towards finding better opportunities in the current job market, by providing better insights about jobs and location-based features such as proximity map and Augmented Reality (AR) functionality.


  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Flow & Information Architecture
  • Wireframes & Mockups
  • Interaction Design

The Problem

The app was not performing in the way it was initially intended, and in some cases, it discouraged users from applying to jobs or using CareerBuilder’s platform altogether.

Defining the Solution

Competitive Analysis

Examining direct competitors and their apps was very helpful. Evaluating what worked and what didn’t was key to guide our proposed solutions.
As part of this analysis, other apps and solutions from different industries are also studied and tested to gain insights. This process set the tone for what features our users would be expecting to see and we should be striving to deliver.

Audit the Original App

Based on the findings of the competitive analysis, the audit helped identified three main areas that needed to be re-worked:

  • Navigation structure and general Information Architecture (IA) required optimization. Mapping out the original IA helped discover pain points and flaws in the flow.
  • Information readability needed improvement. The original UI needed to be redesigned to provide better readability and ease of access.
  • The app was basic – lacking basic extra features our users would expect to see when compared with other apps, as well as, new innovative features.

Defining the Target Audience

The job seeker market is pretty broad and would make it very difficult - if not impossible - to accommodate for all our user needs. Narrowing down the focus to a specific segment of consumers was key to determine the features that would be provided in the app.

Information Architecture

Having clear user personas made it easier to outline different use cases and the flows for each one. Once finalized, the user flows were then turned into a more defined architecture.

Part of the challenge of this project was due to the elements from the old app that we were keeping, and how to integrate them into the new product in a way that it would make sense for the users. After reviewing the architecture and performing a few card-sort and tree-jack tests with a sample of our users, a more define IA was approved.


Visual Design


Once all the initial visuals were provided, I created a prototype in to show some of the functionality.

Live App

After doing several iterations and fine-tunning the app to align it with business requirements and tech feasability, CareerBuilder's AR App was finally released in the Apple Store.

The picture below is an actual photograph taken from Tech Square, while using the AR functionality pointed to the new NCR building. The "points of interest" are being fed real time into CB's App to show the available positions they have.

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