CareerBuilder Homepage Redesign


This redesign of CareerBuilder’s consumer website was used in a proposal presented to leadership, as an effort to improve overall perseption of the brand, increse the number of visitors and the time they spent in CareerBuilder's portal due to a better visual design, content and user experience as a whole.


  • Data Analytics
  • User Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Upgrade
  • Wireframes & Mockups
  • Visual Design

The Goals

  • Show CareerBuilder is still relevant in the human capital market:

    • Bring our homepage up to par with that of our competitors
    • Better image for the business
    • Better perception from our users
  • Help increase our number of visitors ( attract more of the 0% group)

  • Encourage users to convert (get the 85% group to convert)

  • Enhance the experience for our users:

    • Improve content and design - will help bring up SEO / increase visitors - 0%
    • Show users the value of our services and what we offer (what can we do for them) - will help with 85% group conversion
    • Create a different experience between First-time visitors vs Authenticted visitors - will provide better user experience / personalization

Data Analytics

User Research

Based on user testing, most people feel overwhelmed or uninterested when landing on our Homepage. They would like to see less actions and more about how we can help them with their career.

The current home page has no visual hierarchy. The Add Your Resume has the same visual importance as My Career Path, Keywords Employers are Searching For, Job Recommendations (which is empty to new users), and Quick Links.

  • We asked users how the current CareerBuilder Homepage made them feel:

    • “Uninterested. I wouldn't likely read through the content on the page. It's not visually friendly to the eyes.”

    • “A little bit frazzled. So much squished together.”

    • “A bit overwhelmed without icons.”

    • “Rushed.”

  • We asked users what they would like to see on the CareerBuilder Homepage:

    • “More imagery , bigger callout to search. Everything is kind of the same size.”

    • “More visuals. I wouldn't likely read through all the content. There is good information, but it seems a bit scattered. It would be helpful to have more of a flow to guide you through the site.”

    • “More design.”

    • “A picture to break up all the wording.”

Competitive Analysis

Job seekers prefer the competition due to a lack of valuable resources and content on the homepage.

When looking at competitors' homepages, they highlight the tools they provide to help job seekers find the right job.

Monster showcases Company Profiles & Reviews, Career Advice, Education Programs and Resume Help.

Zip Recruiter highlights their apply with one click and notifications.

The Solution

  1. Design a page that guides the user with both imagery and valuable content. There should be visual hierarchy to emphasize the importance of certain features, but not all.

  2. Add valuable content to the homepage. Showcase CareerBuilder's products geared towards job seekers (mobile app, My Career Path). By doing this it will help create a reason for visitors to return.

  3. Create 2 versions of the homepage. One for new visitors who haven’t logged in and one for registered users.
    The new visitors page would have valuable informa;on about CB, while the registered visitors would see more of a personal profile/dashboard, with valuable insights related to their searches and resumes.


Final Design

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