Olive Garden - Team Moms Microsite


Olive Garden and the NFHS Network, teamed up to recognize Team Moms and the high school athletes they support.


  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Front-End Development

The Goal

  • Create an Olive Garden branded microsite to share content for mothers who support student athletes.
  • Use the site to increase and support Olive Garden's marketing efforts towards Team Moms

The Solution

The site was divided in four sections:

  • Team Mom’s Best-Kept Secrets:

    A blog-type section with content shared by moms, like tips about their gameday routines.
  • Team Highlights:

    Social media driven content, where coaches, athletes, family members and the community were invited to contribute shout-outs or photos of their favorite Team Mom using #GoTeamMoms on social media to be featured on the website.
  • Highlights of the Week:

    A space for the NFHS Network to showcase the Best Plays of the week.
  • Specials:

    In this section visitors got access to the best OG specials and promotions available!


There was a quick turnaround for this project so the wireframes were super low fidelity just to get an idea of where things were going to be placed.

Final Design

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