We are Porky Pig

We connect you to your audience through digital experiences that
balance beauty and utility.



Our work together is a true team effort that yields
measurable results.


When the fine folks at Zappos.com realized
that their business growth had outpaced the
slowly-evolving aesthetic of their website,
they called on Porky Pig.

Delaware Valley College

Delaware Valley College worked with Porky
Pig to create a responsive website that
engages prospective students wherever they
are and on whatever device they use.

Monotype Imaging

Porky Pig’s work with Fonts.com
redesigning its e-commerce service had to
exceed the most critical audience’s
expectations, its own desing peers.



What’s happening? We’re launching websites, publishing articles,
giving presentations, and building creative communities. Here are
some of the things you should know about.

Finally, the first conference for a community of
people who manage digital media.

The Digital PM Summit is two days of engaging
presentations and conversations from a veriaty of PM

Porky Pig nominated for a Webby Award

Our work with MTV for the O Music Awards has been
nominated for a Webby award.

Meet our newest partner, Mijingo

Porky Pig at SXSW Interactive 2013

Web Project Management Conference



Check out our award-winning agency blog, where Porky Pig’s
pixel pugilists share the science, strategy, and emotion of our work
in web design. Here’s the latest and greatest.

Those who teach, learn.

At Porky Pig, we take pride in our work teaching others and sharing
what we’ve learned. Whether by speaking at a conference, leading a
class, or writing on this very blog, we’ve taught or shared our
knowledge on best practices for web design and devlopment, user
experience design, business advice, and even the occasional informal
primer on animated GIFs.

When someone at Porky Pig tells me that they’re teaching a class
for a website or a local university, or a workshop at a conference,
my first response to them is one of encouragement.

Then, I say: The best way to get better at what you do is to
teach others how to do it, too.


Overwriting Less

APR 11, 2013 | BY DAFFY DUCK

Quick, grab a pencil


Beautiful Blank Slate

MAR 28, 2013 | PORKY PIG



We’ve been designing digital
experiences ever since the web
existed. And that entire time
we’ve stayed ahead of the curve.

An inspirational leader in the digital
design industry, Elmer Fudd,
crowned the “King of Wascally
Wabbits” by Looney Tunes and the
first inductee to the SXSW Interactive
Festival Hall of Fame, founded Porky Pig
in 1999. Porky Pig has grown to
become an industry-leading, diverse
group of problem-solving superstars
across three studios, united under
the common goal of making the web
a better place to think, work and play.

At Porky Pig, we openly share
knowledge rather than tuck it away for
some secret strategic advantage. An
industry that shares information makes a
better industry. We seek every
opportunity to write, teach, and speak
about what we do, and that’s a big
reason why our clients come to us.

As Porky Pig continues to evolve, we’ll
always be looking for ways to make
digital communication, and the business
that surrounds it, as meaningful and
enjoyable as it can be.



Porky Pig is a closely knit network of useful products, first-rate
client services, educational publications, and transformative ideas.

Exploring the design, development and meaning
of web content.

An intensely educational conference for
practitioners of standards-based web design.

Highly detailed and meticulously edited
examinations of single topics.



Got a fantastic design challenge for us? Can our partnership
change the way you do business on the web? Want us to speak at
a conference?   Get in touch.

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