CareerBuilder - Resume Upload


Improvement of the resume-upload process in CareerBuilder's Job Seeker Platform, to provide a better user experience and increase resume uploads.


  • User Flow & Information Architecture
  • Wireframes & Mockups

The Problem

Unauthenticated users would start the Resume-Upload Process, but hit a road block when they were asked to register without completing their task, nor were they being presented with value propositions.

They were redirected to a different page where they would have to fill out a lengthy registration form - decreasing users' comfort and trust towards CareerBuilder. This process resulted in a waste of time at best, and in extreme cases, users left the process altogether due to frustration.

The Solution

To solve this issue a twofold solution was needed.

  1. The user flow & architecture needed to improve to make it easier for job seekers to perform the task they intended to - without any interruptions.
  2. The UI needed to change to refect the new architecture and make it easier to sign up once they have uploaded the resume.

The new flow allows the job seeker to upload a resume, save it and then create an account if they need to. All within the same page.

As the wireframes show, the UI was updated to reflect the new architecture and keep the process contained within one page.
Some of the simple yet very effective changes were:

  • The use of tabs for each step.
  • Made social registration more prominent to make it easier for users to register through the platforms they already know and trust
  • Provided some value propositions to encourage users during the registration process.

Implemented UI

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